Neem Oil Extraction Process

Neem oil extraction is done by Mechanical pressing, steam pressure extraction and solvent extraction. Primary neem oil extraction process consists of grade wise separation of seeds. Grading of seeds is done according to the amount of oil content in the seeds and with sizes as well.


Neem Oil Extraction Process

Neem Oil Extraction Process

Neem oil extraction process is not as simple process as every body think, which needs high tech neem oil extraction technology.

for pressing the seed kernels are crushed and squeezed. This releases and separates the oil. Some of the active ingredients in neem oil are susceptible to heat, so cold pressed oil is the best.

Extracting the neem oil means soaking the crushed kernels in an organic solvent. Usually hexane is used. This neem oil extract is inferior to cold pressed neem oil. The kernels may be pressed first, and then the neem oil in the remaining neem seed cake is extracted with hexane. In India that extract is mostly used for soap making.

Low Tech Method - Neem Oil Processing Process

There is a way to make your own neem seed oil. It will not give you high yields, and it will not be of the best quality. But it will give you some oil...

• Crush, grind, pound or otherwise smash up the seed kernels.
• Put them in a bowl or bucket and cover with water.
• The oil floats on top and can be skimmed off.

Watery Neem Seed Extraction - Neem Oil Processing Process

To make a strong enough extract with water you need about 500 g of seed kernels to 10 l of water. (Of course you can adjust the overall amount as required.)

• Crush, grind, pound or otherwise smash up the seed kernels.
• Put them in a cloth bag and suspend it over a big enough bucket.
• Add the water through the cloth bag and catch the extract in the bucket.

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