Pretreatment for Oil Processing

The pretreatment for vegetable oil processing or edible oil processing usually means the working procedures of detaching impurities out of the edible or vegetable oil materials. These impurities are generally referred to as organic and inorganic impurities. The organic impurities include the stem leaf, cord, chemical fibers, velveteen and their seeds. The inorganic impurities, however, sometimes mean soil, dinas and metal.The vegetable oil processing industry involves the extraction and processing of oils and fats from vegetable sources. The preparation of raw materials includes husking, cleaning, crushing, and conditioning.

Vegetable and Edible Oil Processing Flow Chart

pretreatment for vegetable oi processing

The Goal for Vegetable and Edible Oil Processing

1. Highlight the quality of the fat and the cake.
2. Enhance the rates of vegetable oil production, and reduces the waste of the vegetable oil content. 
3. Increase the treatment capabilities of vegetable / edible oil equipment. 
4. Lessen the abrade and lengthen the life of these vegetable or edible oil equipment. 
5. Ensure the security of vegetable / edible oil equipment. 
6. Puffing can be used to improve the rate of vegetable oil production and the quality of the meal.


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