Process of Soybean Oil Processing Line

Soybean is a kind of low oil content oilseed compared with other oilseeds such as peanut, sesame, canola, etc. So usually we adopt pretreatment and solvent extraction way to process soybean and get soybean oil, which can reduce residue oil rate and increase oil productivity compared with pressing way. Different oilseeds have different processing technology. Soybean oil processing line includes soybean pretreatment process, soybean oil processing process and soybean crude oil refining process.

soybean oil processing line

High efficiency vibrating screen is adopted here to remove the impurities, so as to effectively achieve the cleaning effect, ensure good operating environment and stability of production, and simultaneously improve the product quality. Suction-type specific gravity stoner is used for removing the mud and stones which have the same size as soybean. The unpowered magnetic selector is applied for removing the iron, and also dust remover is equipped in this process.
Soybean Crushing

How to Make Soybean Oil from Soybean Seeds?

In order to achieve the good softening and flaking effect, the soybean needs to be crushed into 4-6 pieces to ensure the uniform granularity. Therefore, when softening, the moisture is uniform and thoroughly. And the flake piece is thin but strong when flaking. The common cracking equipment is roll crusher, hammer crusher and disc huller.

  • Soybean Softening Machine

The horizontal softening machine is adopted here to heat the soybean to 50-70℃. Therefore, the plasticity of soybean is increased through adjusting the moisture and temperature, creating good operation condition for flaking and cooking. The softening process can not only make the flake become thin, uniform and tough, but reduce the nonhydratable phospholipids content in crude oil, which is convenient for the dephosphorization and physical refining of salad oil.

  • Soybean Flaking

The cytoderm of soybean is destroyed in this process, meanwhile, the crushed soybean with a certain granularity is made into thin slices with the thickness of 0.3mm, which aims at extracting the maximum oil in the shortest time. Thereby, the extraction speed and rate are increased, and the residual oil in soybean meals is <1%.

  • Drying

Generally, the flake made from flaking roll has the water content of 12%. However, the optimum moisture for leaching process is 9%, so an effective drying is necessary to achieve the best leaching moisture.

  • Solvent Extracting Process

The pretreated soybean flakes are sent to the soybean solvent extraction plant. The plant uses a kind of solvent (normal hexane) to absorb the oil from soybean, and then the machines separate the solvent from soybean crude oil. The solvent is used for recycling and soybean crude oil is refined by oil refinery plant.