What is Process of Small Scale Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant?

ABC Machinery is China leading Oil Mill Machinery manufacturer and supplier with the aim to provide the most cost effective oil processing equipment for all the customers around the world. Oil palm can produce two distinctive vegetable oils, palm oil and palm kernel oil. And both palm oil and palm kernel oil are in great demand around the world. Since palm kernel oil processing technology is relative easy and requires low investment, which appeals a great of investor striving into palm kernel oil business. Here, we will talk about how to start small scale palm kernel oil mill plant that is the ideal choice for most people to start their oil making business. (Read more about Palm Kernel Oil Production Business Plant >>)

palm kernel oil

Palm Kernel Oil

Before starting, it is necessary to get understand about the palm kernel oil extraction process, which is of great importance for start palm kernel oil mill plant.

small palm kernel oil mill plant for sales

Small Palm Kernel Oil Mill Plant for Sales

  • Pre-treatment Process: The raw material palm kernel needs to be processed before transporting into palm kernel oil extraction machine. If the palm kernel oil is obtained from the oil cake discharged from the palm oil mill plant, prepare professional crushing machine to separate palm kernel from the fiber. If the raw material is clean palm kernel, you can skip the first step. Then, use separating machine to separate the kernel and the shell. The palm kernel without shell then is flaked, fried or cooked in order to improve the oil yield for the next process.
  • Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Process: Pre-treated palm kernel is loaded into the screw palm kernel oil press machine to extract oil out. Then uses palm kernel oil filter to remove the impurities contained in the crude palm kernel oil and get clean crude palm kernel oil. Usually, the screw type oil press is suitable for small scale palm kernel oil mill plant. It is easy to operate, maintain. Most important, it is relatively cheap.
  • Crude Palm Kernel Oil Clarification and Refining: With the improvement of people’s living standard, the crude palm kernel oil is better to go through oil refining process to get high quality palm kernel oil, which is easy to store and can priced high. Refined palm kernel oil can be packing and labelling for the local or global market.

If you have any questions about the palm kernel oil extraction process and the respective equipment for palm kernel oil mill plant. Please let us know. We are always at your sides.