What's the cost of setting up a palm oil extraction plant in India?

Here is an article about How Much Does It Cost to Start Palm Oil Milling Factory in India?

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The first think you should know is that the investment and construction cost is closely related to the production output and processing flow design. Generally speaking, palm oil processing plant might includes:

  • FFB pretreatment section
  • Palm oil extraction section
  • Palm oil clarification section
  • Crude oil refining & fractionation section
  • Palm Oil filling section.

So before think about the cost, you should think about the production output and process process. But it the above given article, it gives a reference about the approximate cost of establishing a palm oil milling plant in India:

equipment for palm oil extraction mill


For a 5–10 ton/d small palm oil extraction plant, about $20,000~$30,000 is needed. Here in this page listed the main equipment required for setting up a small palm oil factory.

The Main Process Included in Palm Oil Extraction Plant

  1. FFB Loading
  2. Fruits Cooking
  3. Threshing
  4. Digesting
  5. Oil Extraction
  6. Seperation of Palm Kernel and Fiber
  7. Crude Palm Oil Clarification
  8. Oil Refining & Clarification

If you are planning to invest in a medium sized palm oil mill. You can take the following 4 ton/h palm oil extraction project for reference: complete crude palm oil processing plant project report posted by ABC Machinery

crude palmoil processing plant

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