coconut oil pressing and refining

Coconut Oil Pressing and Refining Line in Philippines

With years rich experience and great service for customers, KMEC enjoys good reputation in the field of vegetable oil processing. Recently we cooperated with one of the local Philippines business man to open a coconut pressing and refining line in Philippines. The project strat at  November,2011. Here we will show some of the workshop pictures of the coconut pressing and refining line.

Construction Site of the plant


oil pressing and refining line

Coconut Oil Refining Worshop
The refining line under construction:


oil refining line

The finished coconut oil refining line:

the complete coconut oil refining workshop

Coconut Oil Extracting Worshop

The workers are adjusting the coconut oil pressing machine

coconut oil 


Coconut Oil Pressing Line:

coconut oil expelling workshop view

Refined Coconut Oil by Our Production Line:


refined coconut oil

Coconut Oil Pressing

Before you strat coconut oil pressing, clean the coconut oil making machine thoroughly to ensure there is no residue remaining from the previous pressing. Assemble the press according to manufacturer's specifications. Install a plastic container under the press to catch the extracted oil. Place another container at the end of the expeller to catch the spent coconut meat. Now that the expeller in clean and ready to begin the coconut oil extracting, insert the dried copra into the hopper in the top of the oil expeller. Turn the expeller handle or start the motor that runs the oil expeller press. As the impeller within the expeller turns, it will compress the copra to extract the oil. Push the copra into the expeller machine with a wooden plunger. Check the hopper regularly and add more copra as needed to keep the xpeller full. Examine the containers: when full, replace them and continue to extract the oil until all of the copra is expelled.

Coconut Oil Refining

Coconut oil refining is very important, the most commonly coconut oil is refined, bleached and deodorised coconut oil or RBD coconut oil, which is produced from dry coconut meat (copra). RBD coconut oil is produced from copra.

Coconut Oil Refining Methods

* Chemical oil refinikng
* Physical oil refining
* Chemical-physical oil refining

We offer professional coconut oil pressing and coconut oil refining for our clients. We also support turn-key projects for various oil processing plants for seeds and nuts! Welcome to contact us, we are always at your service!