how to degumming in refining process

How to Degumming in Refining Process

Oil degumming is the first step in an oil refinery plant and is key procedure in the entire oil refining process. However, how to degumming in refining process?

Generally, oil degumming is performed in two ways: hydration oil degumming and special oil degumming.

Oil Degumming in Refining Process

How to Degumming in Refining Process

Hydration Degumming

Hydration degumming mean adding into some hot water and controlling the corresponding conditions to make the hydrosol agglomerated, deposited and then separate them. The separated gum(after being dried) can be made into lecithin or added into cakes or meals in the extraction workshop. Hydration degumming process can improve oil edibility, storage and do good to downstream neutralization section.

Special Degumming

The technology is specially developed to meet the demands of physical refining. Add small quantity to acid or dilute base to the vegetable oil, strictly control the corresponding conditions to separate out the hydrated gum and un-hydrated gum. Gum level in oil should be controlled to suitable for downstream processing.

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