Oil Extruding

Oil extruding machine is commonly used to process rice bran and soybean oil. It can also be used to manufacture different expanded feeds in oil and rice mills, and in soybean protein factories and feed mills. In fact, KMEC supplies a soybean oil extruding machine specifically for soybeans.

Oil Extruding Machine

oil extruding machine

Working Principle of the Oil Extruding Machine

Oil extruding machines, including those for soybeans, transfer mechanical energy into thermal energy by forcing the material along the barrel using a screw. After discharge the seeds are heated and ready to enter the expeller, which produces the oil.

Usage and Features of the KMEC's Oil Extruding Machine

  • Improved oil solvent extractor capabilities.
  • Increased speed of extraction for reduced production time.
  • Reduced solvent content in wet meal to reduce the load of the dosolvatizer.
  • Improved miscella concentration to reduce the load when vaporizing the solvent in the miscella.
  • Increased passivation of the enzymes which stay in the oil to improve the quality of extracted crude product.
  • Reduced energy consumption.

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