small vegetable oil refinery factory

Vegeable oil refineries is one of the most important process to obtain edible cooking oils. Ever think of start a small vegetable oil refinery factory for commercial purpose? If the answer is yes, here will be the right place to start!

Small Vegetable Oil Refinery Factory

In the entire small vegetable oil refinery factory, the extracted oil will be removed of phospholipids, pigments, off-flavor, free fatty acids, and other impurities. The entire vegetable oil refining process comprises Degumming / Neutralization, Bleaching, Deoderization, and Winterization(Optional). The small vegetable oil refinery factory is suitable for smaller capacity of various vegetable oil refineries.

small vegetable oil refinery factory

Advantage of the Small Vegetable Oil Refinery Factory

* Light Weight and Movable
* Can Change Different Kinds of Oil Easily
* Full Function but needs less space.
* Easy to Transport& Install
* Easy to Operate

Vegetable Oil Refineries

Crude vegetable oils contain small amounts of naturally occurring materials such as proteinaceous material, free fatty acids, and phosphatides, so thses impurities are need to be refined by vegetable oil refineries.Phosphatides are removed for lecithin recovery or to prepare the crude oil for export. The most common method of refining oil is by reacting it with an alkali solution which neutralizes the free fatty acids and reacts with the phosphatides. These reacted products and the proteinaceous materials are then removed by centrifuge. Following alkali refining, the oil is washed with water to remove residual soap, caused by saponification of small amounts of the triglycerides (oil). Color-producing substances within an oil (i. e., carotenoids, chlorophyll) are removed by a bleaching process, which employs the use of adsorbents such as acid-activated clays. Volatile components are removed by deodorization, which uses steam injection under a high vacuum and temperature. The refined oil is then filtered and stored until used or transported.

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