Turnkey Project

With our knowledge of processing a wide range of commercially significant oilseeds, we can supply all types and sizes of oilseed processing and edible oil refining. KMEC concentrate on supplying turnkey project for customers, including all the items such as processing equipments, workshop equipments, laboratory equipments, fire fighting systems, steam boilers, and storage for Oil and Seeds, electrical cabinet, fire fighting equipments, water cooling systems etc.

Design Proposal

KMEC has the senior engineers on the subject of oil as our technique consultant during the whole process of our project. Sophisticated working environment and advanced computer design software conditions, all these made our mating reforms and services more and more scientific, more professional.
KMEC establishes independent files for each client; meanwhile set special project teams according each client’s conditions, these teams will design the proposal for the client as soon as possible.
Each project is specifically engineered to meet local conditions, quality standards and environmental requirements.

Process Engineering

KMEC has already built long time relationship with many other professional equipment manufacturers formed a very perfect supplier net.With their in-depth knowledge and expertise, they calculate and double-check designs and specify the requirements of each equipment.Their attention to detail ensures that fully integrated plants will deliver their guaranteed performance.

Sea Transportation

KMEC has employed transport and documentation specialists who are able to identify and efficiently arrange the optimum delivery procedures so equipment arrives at site on time and in perfect condition.We carefully plan our shipment to coincide with progress on site and we have specialist expertise in moving very large items to locations around the world, which are often remote and require considerable planning.


We offer the services of one project engineer specialized in KMEC equipment for co-ordination of the installation and for final inspection and testing of the plants before commissioning for a period of 4 weeks which are divided into 4 visits.
Visit 1 - Box opening
Visit 2 - Start of installation
Visit 3 - Middle of installation
Visit 4 - Final installation

Commissioning / Training

We offer the services of one engineer for the supervision of the start-up of the plant and for training the local staff in the operation of the plant during a continued period.We offer the services of one automation engineer for the supervision of the start-up, on-site optimization of the program and for training the local staff in the operation of the equipment during a continued period.