20tpd coconut batch oil refinery line in Philippine

This contract signed in May, 2014 and finished installation and commissioning in the late August, 2015. The Philippine customer is one of our old customer who used to buy  a 10TPD coconut batch oil refinery line from us in 2011. For the purpose of enlarging oil output, they re-order a 20TPD  semicontinuous oil refining unit which includes adding a leaf filter press and change a deodorizing tower instead of the deodorizing pot.

Below are pictures we took at the scene of the installation and debugging workshop.

1. Semicontinuousoil refinery wokshop view

20tpd coconut refinery line Philippine

2. Deodorization process

deodorization process

3. FFA catcher

FFA catcher Philippine

4. Leaf filter

leaf filter press machines Philippine

5. Steam ejection pump

steam ejection pump Philippine refinery equipment

6. Heat exchanger

heat exchanger for the 20tpd coconut refinery unit