3 tpd soybean oil pressing unit

Our project engineers went to the production factory to examine goods on February 25, 2014. This is a small scale soybean oil pressing unit export to Cameroon and the daily capacity is 3 ton per day. The whole production line contains cooker, auger, screw oil press, crude oil tank and oil filter press. Below are some of the pictures of our inspection process.

6GT-700 Cooking Machine

cooker in the press unit

Packing Photo of the Auger

auger put in the packing 


Screw Oil Press With Electric Cabinet

YZS 95 screw oil press withelectriccabinet,rack and belt cover

Packing Photo of the Screw Oil Press

screw oil press in the pacjing box

Whole Set of the Small Soybean Oil Pressing Unit

3 tpd soybean oil pressing unit export to Cameroon

KMEC always puts customers first, so every time prior to shipment, we will carefully examine and trial run our machines in advance to make sure all the equipment are of good condition.