Corn Solvent Extraction Plant

Corn oil or maize oil is less expensive, has a milder taste and higher smoke point than other vegetable oils making it attractive as a cooking oil. Corn oil is also a key ingredient in some margarines.

Corn oil and corn meal can both be obtained from corn. The extracted meal is also very useful. It is suitable for making enhanced animal feed rations, snack food, blended food products, cosmetics, and fermentation broth additive, especially being used as a component for animal feed (20% protein content).

Corn solvent extraction plant is one of the most popular solvent extraction plant for various oil seeds. Corn oil extraction technology is widely considered today to be the quickest path for margin improvement for corn ethanol producers. KMEC’s corn solvent extraction plant method increases biofuel yields per bushel of corn by 7% while reducing the energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of corn ethanol production by more than 21% and 29%.

The technology works by improving the release of oil during mechanical extraction. The aid is added to the process after distillation, and at this point, it also reduces solids in the oil, resulting in a cleaner, higher-quality oil. Lastly, the aid helps keep the system cleaner and results in less downtime for cleaning and maintenance. Inedible corn oil has become an emerging feedstock for the biodiesel industry but many plants are not equipped to use the feedstock because it is harder to convert than other feedstocks and needs special treatment.