Fatty Acid Distillation Plant

Fatty Acids Distillation Plant

The fatty acid distillation is done under vacuum to achieve a reasonable boiling point for the fatty acid cuts. An antioxidant can also be added to the finished product.

Fatty acids distillation plant is broadly divided into three main section. vis. de-gasification, pre-cut system and main distillation system. These main process section are supported for optimum cooling based on thermostatised water system.

Fatty Acid Distillation Plant

Crude fatty acids from battery limit is filtered, pre-heated and admitted to the de-gasifying unit operating under vacuum, where it is dried and de-gasified. Crude fatty acids, from de-gasifier is heated in thermic fluid exchanger and fed to the pre-cut column.

The pre-cut column operates under vacuum and is composed of various section; starting from bottom, the main sections are vaporization section, Two sections of distillation packing bed, pump-around section and scrubbing section. From bottom of the column, the product is sent to Fatty Acid Distillation column.

The main distillation column operates under vacuum and is composed of various section; starting from .

Advantages of Fatty Acid Distillation Plant

  • Each plant component is designed to MICRO level; hence performance of each component is controlled to the required level.
  • Our plants are 100% custom-built and we do not sell the “standard plants”. It results in good “Turndown” Ratio for plant operation.
  • Customer need not compromise on his requirements. We can supply the plants of required capacities at desired parameters such as utility consumptions, operability, plant life as per customer’s request.