Jatropha Oil Extraction Machines

Since the recognition of jatropha as an alternative energy sources (namely, biofuel), the methods of jatropha oil extraction has also gained due importance in the market. Since jatropha oil is the primary ingredient required in the production of biofuels, the development of oil extraction methods and the optimization of existing methods of extracting the oil have become significant.

Jatropha Oil Extraction Machines - Oil Expeller

Different kinds of jatropha oil extraction machines  are used for the purpose of jatropha oil extraction plant. The most commonly used ones are the Sayari oil expeller or  oil extraction machines.
KMEC's oil extraction machines are diesel-operated oil extraction device that were originally developed in Nepal. It is now being developed for use in Tanzania and Zimbabwe for the purpose of jatropha oil extraction and oil cake preparation. The prototype included heavy parts made of cast iron. The lighter version has the cast iron replaced with iron sheets. A model driven by electricity is also available. The KMEC expeller is a single-screw oil expeller that is often used for extracting jatropha oil from the seeds and also for the preparation of oil cakes.