Mini Oil Mill Plant

Mini oil mill can be established in every village. So it encourages homogeneous developments of the country. Mini oil mill saved transport expenses for carrying oil seeds to city and bringing oil from city. Consumers empty tins can be refilled and hence costly packing expenses can be saved.

Mini oil mill make available pure, fresh, natural oil to villages from their own oil seed on custom milling basis. So village are saved from profiteering adulteration taxation etc. Mini oil mill is emanated exploitation by middleman and traders, as consumers have direct contact with mill. Mini oil mill is greatly encourage rural developments as wealth and self employment jobs are generated in village. Mini oil mill is encourage animal husbandry by making available oil cake as best cattle feed. It increases milk production considerably.


Mini Oil Mill Plant

Oil Decorticator

Mini Oil Plant - Oil Decorticator

Decorticator shell the groundnut into husk and kernels, Husks are throw away by built in air blower


Baby Boiler

Mini Oil Plant - Baby Boiler

Baby Boiler provides process steam to the cooking kettle. Groundnut husk or agricultural waste or wood can be used as fuel. Boiler also equipped with super heater and economizer.


Oil Expeller

Mini Oil Plant - Oil Expeller

Oil Expeller crush oil seed and produce oil and oil cake, Our Every Oil Expeller has cone adjustment system for cake thickness.


Filter Press

Mini Oil Plant - Filter Press

Filter press filter the oil, Filter pump suck the oil from expeller oil tank and feeds in to the filter press with pressure, Filtered oil is fresh natural and complete pure edible oil.


Oil Neutralizer

Mini Oil Plant - Oil Neutralizer

Neutralizer Oil Tank is an essential component of oil refining process, as most of the oils contain Free Fatty Acids (FFA) and need to be neutralized to remove FFA. Removal of Free Fatty Acids (FFA) is done by adding caustic soda.