Mustard Oil Extraction

Mustard oil is of vegetable origin and is obtained from seeds of the black and white (Sinapis alba) mustard plants. In the crude state, black mustard oil (Brassica nigra, light color) has a spicy odor and a strong taste. When refined it is neutral in odor and taste. White mustard oil (yellow color) has a bitingly pungent taste due to the allyl mustard oil it contains. In the marketplace, mustard oil is not differentiated from the rape oil as both belong to same species and have similar properties.

Mustard oil seeds are generally obtained from the bush like mustard plant which belongs to the same genus as the plant of Rapeseed. Mustard oil seeds are used for the production of mustard seed oil and oil cake. This oil is yellow in color and is obtained after the crushing of the seed.

Mustard oil Extraction

  •  In general, three types of dry mustard are used for oil extraction, namely, white mustard (scientific name Brassica nigra), black mustard (scientific name B. hirta) and brown Indian mustard (B. juncea). Of these, the first two types are commonly used for oil production.
  • The black mustard yields a lighter colored and stronger tasting oil, while the white variety produces a yellowish colored, pungent oil. A simple mustard oil recipe is to directly press the seeds. This gives a strong tasting mustard oil.
  • Another approach for making mustard oil is crushing the seeds, followed by separation of oil. Both the two extraction processes yield mustard oil and meal.
  • While making mustard oil, approximately 30-33 percent of the total seed is recovered as oil. This is a good yield, as compared to other oilseed types. The remaining meal contains high percentage of proteins. This is collected in form of solid oil cakes, and are used for feeding livestock.
  • Seal the oil bottles properly, and they can be used for several years. Having a long shelf life, this vegetable oil retains its original flavor for several months even after opening. You just need to keep it in the refrigerator for extending its storage life.