Seed Processing Equipment

Successful oil mill projects are mostly depend on high quality seed. Therefore, seeds pretreatment becomes crucial important in the entire solvent extraction plant.
Seeds from hand collections alway include a mix of stems, leaves, chaff, appendages, empty glumes etc. and seeds themselves are usually of different sizes and quality.The extraneous materials must be removed in order to insure quality oil and to allow uniform dispensing through seed cleaning equipment.

Seed Processing Equipment - Gravity Separator

Gravity separators are used to classify materials according to density or specific gravity. This is important when seed and/or impurities are similar in size but different in density.The separator uses a vibrating perforated deck that can be tilted in two directions at various pitches. Air moving through the perforated deck separates the seed and any impurities by weight as the deck oscillates. As the materials are classified, they move into appropriate slots or containers. Scalping or other pre-treatments are helpful in removing excessive impurities before gravity separation Seed of the same species can be separated into various size-weight classes, and many species can be cleaned to 98 or better percent purity with a gravity separator. They are also effective at removing stones. Seed Processing Equipment - Gravity Separator