Solvent Extraction Plant for Sale

With wide and rich industrial experience, we offer solvent extraction plant all over the world, at the same time, our  premium solvent extraction plant for sale. We manufacture these plants using precision based techniques and superior quality raw materials procured from well-established organizations to ensure durability. These plants are remarkably featured with a perfect assembly of sound technical components, which enables complete extraction of solvents. It finds its application in nuclear reprocessing. Moreover, these plants are cost-efficient and reliable.

Solvent Extraction Plant Purpose

The purpose of solvent extraction is to remove most of the oil contained in a seed. Extraction is conducted on prepared seeds or, generally in the case of high oil content seeds, the cakes obtained by the pre-pressing. Solvent Extraction Plants are used to extract oil by using chemicals. These plants use cake as the raw material, which is obtained from the oil press section. An organic solvent is used to dissolve the cake's or seed's oil content after the process of dipping or spraying, which ensures that the oil content is in close contact with the feeding material. After this, the solvent is vaporized out and the oil is collected. In these plants, the vaporized solvent is recycled. Generally, Hexane (a petroleum by-product) is used as the solvent.

Solvent Extraction Sequence

1. Preparation of Seeds for Extraction which includes pre pressing for high oil content seeds.
2. Extraction of oil from the prepared material with the aid of food grade solvent.
3. Desolventising-toasting of the de-oiled seed /meal- often combined with drying and cooling of the said meal.
4. Distillation, to remove the solvent from the extracted oil.
5. Recovery of solvent, which is reused again and again at extractor level.