Vegetable Oil Extraction

Vegetable Oil Extraction

Sometimes vegetable oil extraction uses a solvent in order to extract the oil from certain seeds, nuts or kernels in order to make the extraction cost effective. Once the oil has been obtained, the solvent is then removed from the oil, but a trace percentage of the solvent may still be present in the final oil. coconut, palm, grapeseed andrice bran are typically solvent extracted.

However, in the majority of cases, the residual oil in the expelled cake is extracted using hexane. Cake is washed with solvent, under a counter current flow, producing an oil/solvent mixture (termed a miscella) and a residual meal containing solvent. The miscella is subjected to evaporation and steam stripping to recover the hexane from the oil. The hexane is then separated from the water mixture by physical settlement and is recovered for re-use in the operation of vegetable oil extraction. At this stage, a crude oil has been produced which may either be refined on site or sold to another operator for refining. The solvent-laden meal is processed by steam distillation in a desolventiser to recover most of the hexane content.  The meal is then dried and cooled before storage in  silo's or loading, and may be sold as animal feed in this state or may be further processed by grinding prior to sale.

Vegetable oil may be made from a single ingredient or a blend of several. Refined oils are recommended for high-heat frying. Unrefined specialty oils are generally better tasting in salads and other cold dishes. Different types of oilseeds are grown  everywhere all over the world. cooking oils are daily necessities fo food purpose, vegetable oil is also the source of bio-diesel, a new enviorenmental friendly fuel.

vegetable oil extraction

Vegetable Oil Extraction Process

* The seeds are husked and cleaned of dirt and dust, then crushed.
* The crushed seeds are then heated to temperatures between 110 degrees and 180 degrees in a steam bath to start the oil extraction process.
* The seeds are put through a high volume press which uses high heat and friction to press the oil from the seed pulp.
* The seed pulp and oil are then put through a hexane solvent bath and steamed again to squeeze out more oil.

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