cooking oil producing plant

Cooking Oil Producing Plant

Cooking oil is produced from various raw materials such as the seeds of sunflowers, cotton, rapeseed and soya bean seed. Cooking oil producing plant strats with seeds preparation, the seeds are gathered, processed cleaned and then crushed to extract the oil they contain. There are various types of cooking oil producing techniques and each process depends on the type of oil extract.

The oil is extracted from the processed seeds through various techniques. The seeds are crushed or ground into a paste which does not extract as much oil as other extraction methods do. This process is mostly used for unrefined oils, such as extra virgin olive oil.

Modern day cooking oil producing plant use chemical extraction methods as this process yields more oil. Solvents are added to the crushed seeds to aid in the extraction process and are then removed from the extracted oil. The solvents are often reused numerous times in the oil production process. The remaining seed cake is used as fertilisers or animal feed.

Refined cooking oil production now requires the oil to be treated to remove the solvents and the taste as well as the colour and odour remaining in the oil. This is done by and adding chemicals and heating the oil in order to separate the oil from soap layer that forms on the oil. The soap layer is removed through centrifuge and the remaining oil is washed. The oil is bleached to remove any traces of colour.

Small to Medium Size Cooking Oil Producing Plant

small to medium size cooking oil producing plant

The cooking oil industry is changing because today’s eating habits are shifting and creating new markets. While vegetable oils are becoming increasingly valuable in biofuels production, high energy prices and low margins put pressure on balance sheets in the cooking oil industry.

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