corn germ oil refining

We are your trusted corn germ oil refining manufacturing and supplier. We can process corn germ, peanuts, soybean, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, rape seeds/canola seeds, sesame, rice bran, castor seeds, niger seeds, palm kernel and more.

The vegetable oil refining process can remove phospholipids, FFA, pigment, off-flavor and other impurities. Includes the following sections: degumming, de-acidifying, bleaching, deodorizing and dewaxing. We can supply the equipment and technology to ensure that best finished oil is achieved with the lowest production cost.

Corn Germ Oil Refining

Corn Germ Oil Refining

Crude corn germ oil is filtered and then degummed. In steam degumming, steam is introduced at a volume of not more than 3 percent of the oil and is absorbed by lecithin or other gums, making them heavy enough to be removed by centrifugation. In the degumming process, a heated sodium hydroxide solution is used to absorb the gums and also neutralize any free fatty acids, followed by "washing" the oil with hot water to remove any soap formed in the process. By-products of the alkali process are sold as soap stock.

Corn germ oil is "bleached" with clay that has been "activated" with acid wash to remove any metals native to the clay. As a result, the clay absorbs color pigments, residual soap products and metal ions from the corn oil. The clay is then removed from the oil by filtration.

If a partially hydrogenated product, such as margarine or shortening, is being produced at this point in the process, the heated oil is exposed to hydrogen gas under pressure. The oil is refrigerated to crystallize any waxes, which are then removed by filtration. A continuous stream steam treatment deodorizes the oil in a distillation tower, carrying any remaining impurities out the top of the tower with the rising steam as the finished oil is removed from the bottom.

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