cottonseed semi continuous oil refining line Afghanistan

The new business dealed with customer from Balkenende, Afghanistan.This was the first time we cooperate with this client, but they were very satisfied with our products and service, they said they would re-purchase from us if there is a chance.

This time the client bought an oil refining and fractionation line for processing cottonseed oil, the daily capacity is 30 ton.

30 ton cottonseed oil refining equipment

Equipments included:

1. 30TPD Oil refinery;
2. 30TPD fractionation;
3. 4heads fully-automatic oil filling line, which contains 4heads oil filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, code printing machine and carton sealing machine;

30 ton cottonseed oil filling line

4. 2T/H Steam boiler;
5. Complete lab equipments.