edible oil mill plant

Edible oil mill plant is one of the most important parts in the entire oil seed processing. During the processing of oil milling needs a lot of technology and certain professional oil mill machinery.We are the best supplier of edible oil mill plant for the customer all over the world with the top quality products. We offer the best machinery in the most competitive price. Here is the introduction of our products.
Flowchart of Edible Oil Mil Plant
Flowchart of Edible Oil Mill Plant
Seeds for Our Edible Oil Mill Plant
In the oil milling plant, it can only prepressing oilseeds are lightly pressed, and which leaves about 14% to 18% oil in the pressed cake. In this case, it will result in higher capacity, lower power consumption and lower wear & tear.
Oil Pressing Machine for Edible Oil Mill Plant
Oil mill machine is the main equipment in the edible oil mill plant. The our oil mill machine has quite a lot of advantages. With the help of our edible oil mill plant your oil output can be Maximum oil recovery with minimum power consumption must be taken into account in the oil milling palnt. The typical oil milling plant usually has the following sections, pre-treatment, cooking, pressing and filtering of crude oil.

Oil Mill Plant  Edible Oil Mill Plant
Edible Oil Mill Plant

Model Capacity Power Net Weight Outside Dimension (mm)
200A-3 8-12t/d 18.5kw 5000kg 2850*1850*3270
202-3 45-50t/d 30kw 5500 kg 2900*1850*3640
YZL24 20t/d 36.5kw 8500kg 3200*1850*3600
YZL28 50t/d 45kw 11500kg 3700*1920*3850
YZL32/ZY32 85-110t/d 90/110kw 11000 kg 4100*2720*38
LYYZL18 6-10t/d 27.2kw 3500kg 3176*1850*2600

Advantages of Edible Oil Mill Plant
  • The speed reducer saves the energy of the equipment
  • Versatile to process many kinds of oil seeds, such as Peanut kernels, Rapeseeds, Cotton seeds, Sunflower seeds, Corn Germ, Palm Kernel, Sesame, etc
  • The special design of the expellers is with lower residual oil left in cake and make higher oil output
  • The quality of oil cake from pressing is higher, more suits for downstream oil processing

edible oil mill workshop Oil Mill Workshop edible oil mill plants
Features of Edible Oil Mill Plant
  •  It's easy for people to operate because of convenient operation panel
  •  It costs less various expenses with lower power consumption in use
  • This machine adopts automatic control system, automatic preheating control and pressure control of hydraulic system
  • This machine, adopted imported top quality stainless steel material for the sunflower oil production line
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