fish oil refinery

The steeply rising demand for fish oil as a food supplement has now boosted the specific production of fish oil worldwide. However, to optimize fish oil for human consumption, it goes through a refining process to remove unwanted substances, this process we often call it fish oil refinery.

Fish Oil Refinery

Fish Oil Refinery

Fish oil occurs either as a by-product of fishery or is produced specifically from industrial fish or from fish waste. In most cases before fish oil can be processed into ready-to-eat fish oil capsules, the fish oil obtained by the pressing process has to undergo a process of refining, that is fish oil refinery. In this process chemical refining is usually being used. Fish oil refinery can neutralize unwanted fatty acids and separating them off as soapstock.

According to scientific studies, fish oil is not only able to prevent cardiovascular disease, but also positively counteract Alzheimer‘s disease and other diseases in the dementia family.

KMEC supply fish oil refinery specific for removal of unwanted elements like free fatty acids (FFA), gums, phosphatides etc. from oil and improve its quality and ensure colour uniformity. Contact us today to learn more about fish oil refinery!