oil mill machinery spares and parts

KMEC logoOil mill machinery spares and parts are necessary to carry out the trouble free operation of oil mill machineries and prevent the unexpected stoppage of your oil mill machinery line which may have a good influence on the output of your edible oil mill.At KMEC, we offer best solution to all of our client's oil mill machinery. With stringent quality measures, we assure to deliver the best and perfect  oil mill machinery spares and parts for you.We provide a whole lot of spares and parts along with our oil mill machinery for the customer’s convenience.

Made from high-grade, top quality materials and perfectly engineered, these spares ensure flawless performance of the oil expellers and oil mill plant.

oil mill machinery spares and parts
Oil Mill Machinery Spares and Parts

We offer wide range of our oil mill machinery spares and parts which included:

    Worm Gears
    Gears & Pinions
    Face hardened Worms and Cone Points
    Cage bar Holders
    Bronze Wheels
    Belt Drives
    Welding Machines
    Welding Electrodes
    Tool Kits, Spanners, Sealants
     And etc

All our oil mill spares and accessories are standard and made from excellent quality. They offer durability and long service life with complete accuracy to maximize your output of your oil mill plant.

If you are interested in our oil mill machinery spares and parts or you want to set up an oil mill plant , please don't hesitate to write us from the following form, we are always at your service!