palm oil production

Over the past 30 years, the worldwide area planted to oil palm has increased by more than 150 percent. Most of this increase has taken place in Southeast Asia, with spectacular palm oil production increases in Malaysia and Indonesia. There are several reasons for this rapid expansion. Crude palm oil and kernel oil prices have been strong, due to the rapid increase in consumption of dietary oils and fats in the developing economies of China and India.

Palm kernel oil production

Palm Kernel Oil Production Process

Palm oil is the leading edible oil by production volume and is found in a wide variety of products used globally every day, including chocolate, soap and cosmetics. It is also an important cooking oil in many countries and is used in other industries including the livestock and meat sector, and, increasingly, biofuels. The main process of palm kernel oil production is described below.

main process of palm kernel oil production

Palm kernels are pre-treated by magnetic separators that removed metallic debris that might destroy your palm kernel oil press equipment. Then the kernels are sieved to remove sands, stones and other Impurities before cracking with inbuilt swinging hammers. The nuts are separated from the shells after cracking and prepared by heating before extracted with expeller press. The nuts are screwed through a metallic path (with pores) that decreases in diameter to the exit so that the oil is forced out of the side while the cake is collected at the tip of the screw.
Finally, palm kernel oil (PKO) obtained via mechanical means are usually filled with impurities that must be removed by further processing. you migjht put up a oil refinery plant to help filterate the crude PKO oil for edible purpose.

Aim of Palm Kernel Oil Refining

Plam or palm kernel oils contains mainly of glycerides and, like other oils in their crude form may consist of small and variable portions of non-glycerides components as well. In order to render the oils to an edible form, some of these non-glycerides needs to be either removed or reduced to an acceptable levels. The aim of refining is therefore to convert the crude oil to quality oil by removing objectionable impurities to the desired levels in the most efficient manner.

the refinery process of making PKO oil

Palm Kernel Oil and Its Uses

pure palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil is adaptable vegetable oils and now has a wide range of markets in the food and oleo- chemical industries. In addition, palm oil has been found a very healthy com- ponent of the human diet.
Palm Kernel Oil is used to make so many of everyday house-hold products that includes Cosmetics, Food, Medicine, Fuel, and Industrial Products. While it's Interesting to realise that your Super Glue might have been a product of palm kernel oil, it is military application to explosives that is most fascinating!