pre-press oil expeller

Pre-press oil expeller YZY240 is a continuous screw expeller press machine, which is applicable for prepress-extraction process or twice press process of vegetable oil plant, can be used to press oil-bearing crops such as peanut kernel, cottonseed kernel, rapeseed and sunflower seed kernel, etc.

Technical Data of the YZY240 Pre-press Oil Expeller:

Residual Oil Content
Motor Power
Net Weight

13-15%(Under common preparation situation)


Features of the YZY240 Pre-press Oil Expeller:

pre-press oil expller

Pre-press oil expeller YZY240 is specially designed for oil pre-pressing. With appropriate pretreatment situation, it has below highlights:

  • Wide applications, can be used both for prepress and fullpress
  • Big process capacity, so relatively workshop floor area and power consumption, operation, management and maintenance work decrease.
  • The pressed cake is of loose structure, help the permeation of solvent.
  • The oil and water content of cake help the extraction of solvent.
  • The quality of prepress oil is better than that of fullpress and direct extraction.
  • Steel gearbox with high strength.
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