rotary extractor

Rotary Extractor

Rotory Extractor

The rotary extractor is popular for various pre-pressed oil cakes. Its rotating cell design at the top bin level makes it easy to perform immersion-extraction and to reduce the number of meal fines in the miscella which improves the quality of the crude oil by reduced scaling in evaporation system. The extractor is driven by gear rack. The unique balancing rotor is designed to ensure less power consumption, lower maintenance costs and less noise.

We dedicate to design, supply and service for solvent extraction,oilseed extraction workshop, the turn-key oil projects scope from 100t to 6000t per day.

Rotary Extractor Features

The oil seed extractor adopts a rack driving system. The unique rotor balancing process ensures less power consumption, less maintenance and less noise. The rotation speed of the air lock and rotory extractor can be adjusted automatically according to the incoming oilseed quantity to ensure that the bin level is stable. This will help to form micro negative pressure in the rotary extractor and prevent solvent escaping from the oil extractor. Miscella circulation is improved to reduce solvent usage, solvent residue in meal and to increase the miscella concentration. Energy is saved by reducing evaporation.The rotating extractor is popular for many kinds of pre-pressed cake. The rotation cell at the upper bin level makes it easy to perform immersion extraction and reduces meal fines in the miscella. All this will help improve the quality of crude oil and reduce scaling in the evaporation system.