soya oil extraction plant

If you are preffered to starting a soya oil extraction plant form oil meal/cakes, you'd better clear first how large you are going to open. Mechanical extraction method is suitbale for a small oil production plant, however if you are intend to start a soya oil extraction plant on a large scale, then extract soya oil with solvent is your best choice!

Small Scale Soya Oil Extraction Plant

small soya oil extraction plant

Big Scale Soya Oil Extraction Plant


big soya oil extraction plant

Direct solvent extraction, referred to as "full" pressing or prepress-solvent extraction, can separate oil from soya beans. Some soya oil extraction plants combine the two extraction methods together in order to maximize the oil output rate and the oil quality.

Soya Meal Oil Extraction

In th pre-pressing process, oil seeds may be lightly pressed leaving about 14% to 18% oil in the pressed cakes. Then we can use the solvent extraction method to further process these soya meals and leave only 2% oil in the final cake (meal). This method has a lot of advantages such as lower power consumption, lower wear & tear / maintenance and higher capacity as well as higher extract efficiency. Thus it could be used as complement equipment to extract the oil remained in cake, which gives extra profit to soya oil extraction plant manufacturers. Or the solvent extraction could be configured to process raw soybean and some other seeds directly. Using chemical solvent to dissolve oil content contained in cake or oil seeds. Oil is collected by vaporizing solvent out which is later recycled.

Soya Oil Extraction Machinery - Oil Extractor

Oil extractor is one of the most important soya oil extraction machineries. Our extractor is suitable for squeeze rapeseed, cotton seeds, soybean, groundnut, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds etc. This machine has many advantages like advanced design, convenient operation, and high output.

Soya Oil Extraction History

In the early time, the soya oil extraction were only on small scale using hydraulic and screw presses. As time goes on, the less efficient hydraulic press was replaced by more advanced screw press machines. However in 1934, the technology of extracting with solvent was introduced and mprovements in oil extraction are continuously evolving.

Major changes during the last two decades including introduction of the expander, installation of heat recovery systems and co-generation (making steam and electricity on site by burning waste by-products like hulls), improved working conditions for employees (dust and sound control), reduced contamination of the environment, automation of equipment, introduction of computer control of the processes, and reduction of manual labor (Lusas, 2000).

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