sunflower oil manufacturing process

Sunflower oil is one of the healthiest and most popular oils across the world. That is because this kind of oil is light color, mild flavor, low level of saturated fat and ability to withstand high cooking temperatures. With years' pratical experience of sunflower oil processing, we can offer professional sunflower oil manufacturing process as well as complete set of sunflower oil manufacturing plant.

Sunflower Oil Manufacturing Process

sunflower oil manufacturing process

Sunflower oil manufacturing process is a complicated oil making process. The detailed manufacturing process for sunflower seeds is as follows: The sunflower seed is the fruit of the sunflower which usually contains approximately 40 - 50% oil by weight. Producers should press oil not only from the seeds but the entire head of the sunflower in order to extract the highest oil yield. After the extraction section of sunflower oil manufacturing process, the extracted oil is sent for further refining and filtering. Modern oil extraction techniques create a byproduct called pressed sunflower seed cake or meal, which is high in protein and can be utilized for livestock feed.

Sunflower Oil Uses

Use of the oil from sunflower for cooking first occurred in Russia in the 1800s.  Though sunflower is native to the U.S., it was not seen as a vegetable oil source here until the last 50 years, and really only began to be significantly grown for this purpose about 25 years ago.  Sunflower is lower in saturated fats than most vegetable oils.

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