veg oil refining

Veg oil refining refers to removaling of gums, waxes, phosphatides and free fatty acid (F. F.A.) from various veg oil; to impart uniform colour by removal of colouring pigments and to get rid of unpleasant smell from the oil by removal of odiferous matter.

Vegetable oils are an essential ingredient for human diet. No food worth taste could be prepared without use of vegetable oils. Depending on geographical locations different varieties of oils are popular in different region. Nature has given distinct individual characteristics to all vegetable oils.

Veg Oil Refining

Veg Oil Refining

For refining veg oil, there are three basic oil refining processes in the entire process of veg oil refining. First process is neutralizing the oil in the neutralizer to remove the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) by adding caustic soda. Oil is heated upto about 60°C by thermic fluid coils and oil is stirred by stirrer. Then soap stock formed due to chemical reaction is allowed to settle at the bottom of the neutralizer from where it is taken out into soap pan.

The next process of veg oil refining is Neutralization. Neutralized oil is drawn into the second vessel called bleacher where colour of oil is removed by bleaching process with aid of chemicals such as carbon black and bleaching earth. Oil is generally heated upto 110°C by thermic fluid coils. Stirring is also continued. Bleaching process is done under vacuum.

Bleached oil then goes to oil filter press where bleaching earth and chemicals are separated and clean bleached oil is then drawn to deodourizer where oil is heated above 110°C through thermic fluid coils and then live steam is given to the oil from the bottom steam nozzles and temperature of oil is raised upto 200 to 220°C through thermic fluid coils. Entire process is done under high vacuum. Thus smell is removed from the oil in the deodourizer. Then it goes to cooler where water circulating coils take away heat and oil is cooled. Again it goes to second filter press where completely refined and transparent colour less oil is obtained.

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