Edible Oil Plant

Process Steps of Edible Oil Plant

In the edible oil plant, there are some process you should follow in order to get qulity edible oil. In the entire process of edible oil processing, crude oil is  firstly received in from the yard tank to the day tank where it is treated with phos- phoric acid. The phosphoric acid acts as a flocculent to generate solids.  Caustic is added to neutralize the phosphoric acid and to cause saponification (soap). The soap stock is fed of F to soap stock processing and the oil is put into scale tanks for weighing and storage.  From the scale tank it is sent to bleaching where bleaching clay is added to remove color. The decolorized oil is put through a plate and frame filter to pull out bleaching clay and from there goes to the clean oil product tank. From the product tank it goes to Hydrogenation where hydro- gen is added to form a saturated hydrocar- bon molecule which causes the oil to so- lidify . It then goes through post bleaching be blended with other lower grade oil. After the deodorizer , it is separated into vegetable oil, margarine oil, and shortening oil.

Backgroud of Edible Oil

Edible oil falls into two categories:
1. Vegetable oils which are obtained by processing soybeans, olives, coconuts, corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds and safflower seeds.
2. Animal oils and fats which are rendered from the trimmings of freshly slaughtered animals.

Workshop of Edible Oil Plant

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