Oil Processing Machinery

Usually a series of oil processing machinery are needed in the entire oil processing plant. For examplethe most importantly,oil press as well as other machines like oilseed cleaning equipment, seed dehulling equipment, oilseed flaking machine, Oil seed extractor, desolventizer toaster, oil filter press etc.

Oil Processing Machinery

Oil Processing Machinery - Oil Press

Oil Processing Machinery - Oil Presses Oil Processing Machinery - Oil Presses Oil Processing Machinery - Oil Presses

Model Capacity Power Net Weight Outside Dimension (mm)
200A-3 8-12t/d 18.5kw 5000kg 2850*1850*3270
202-3 45-50t/d 30kw 5500 kg 2900*1850*3640
YZL24 20t/d 36.5kw 8500kg 3200*1850*3600
YZL28 50t/d 45kw 11500kg 3700*1920*3850
YZL32/ZY32 85-110t/d 90/110kw 11000 kg 4100*2720*3850
LYYZL18 6-10t/d 27.2kw 3500kg 3176*1850*2600


Oil Processing Machinery - Filter Press

Oil Processing Machinery - Oil Filter Press

Net Weight
Outer Dimension (mm)
100kg/h 0.75kw 155kg 840*610*710
200kg/h 1.1kw 500kg 1340*720*940
1000kg/h 3kw 2500kg 3000*1020*1187


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