The ways of choosing soybean oil mill

The soybean oil press process  is relatively simple and can be based on the overall soya oil production process and product quality requirements, select the press, pre-press, cold pressing, hot pressing different oil extraction processes. Simply take the soya oil pressing process can be taken once or twice squeezing press, mainly used in small-scale production and  soybean oil processing plant, or sesame oil, fragrant peanut oil and the like. 

When  pressing or pre-pressing process soya  oil are made of hot-pressed, only when the press cake is used as soya oil production or medical production of raw materials, use only cold process to extract oil. In the cold pressing process because of the lower parison temperature can be maintained during the soya oil press protein invariance, but the cold squeeze lower oil rates.

How is the work of soybean oil press ?

Process description of  soybean oil processing workshop:

soya bean oil production process

Characteristics of Soybean Pretreatment Process in our company:

  • All continuous, mechanical operation; and with electrical interlocking control system;
  • Equipment layout using the tower structure, material as far as possible to rely on gravity flow, reduce power consumption;
  • Expanded section are considered when designing the production of different proportion of extruded material and green leaching, adjusted according to the demand of products;
  • When the production of soybean meal, the use of drum to soften the pot is more suitable for the pressure of the embryo process requirements;
  • Taking into account the environmental protection requirements of the modern industry, in this workshop is also equipped with a strong capacity of dust removal system to meet the requirements of production and environmental protection;
  • In the transportation process as much as possible the use of scraper conveyor, and effectively reduce the conveying process of crushing, it is conducive to the leaching process of solvent penetration of the material layer, improve the leaching efficiency;
  • Our company is still in the process of rolling embryo Soybean Pretreatment;

With the expansion of soybean, the expansion of soybean embryo, in order to further damage the structure of oil cells, greatly improve the yield, the feed manufacturers are welcome to the puffed meal.