vegetable oil production equipment

Vegetable oil production is a complicated oil production process. In the process of vegetable oil processing, quite a lot of vegetable oil production equipment will be used. The equipment involved are Neutralizer, Bleacher, Deodorizer, Heat Exchanger, High & low vacuum equipment & Filters.

Vegetable Oil Production Equipment

Vegetable Oil Production Equipment

Model 130 oil press is the latest vegetable oil production equipment based on KMEC; independent research and development. This type of vegetable oil production equipment remains the virtues of the traditional oil press, reduces the weakness, adds the automatic heater, one hot extruding for all oil, increases the oil output rate, capable to prepressing for submerging oil workshops.

This vegetable oil production equipment with large capacity and reliable performance, is the first innovation in China, it is the favorite choice to the big and medium-sized oil processing workshops.

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